About This Free Site

Yes, this site is free. All we require in return is that you agree to include the standard attribution ("Designed by...") at the bottom of each screen.

Why did we do this site? We were asked by a local ham radio club to do a simple site for them... for free. Wanting to "give back" to the community we did it... and here it is (This first site was done in WordPress, but we decided that most clubs needed something easier to install with a flattened learning curve. Thus, we re-wrote it)

Important Tech Items

This site is written in plain old HTML and javascript utilizing the (free) Bootstrap CSS library. In order to make changes to the site you will have to have experience in how to use an FTP program (like Transmit for the Mac... or the free FileZilla FTP program) to get into the site (on your web server) as well as some knowledge of HMTML. You will not need to use any javascript.

The code is well-documented. The web administrator will not have any problem finding where to enter their own club's content.. and pictures.

Because this is NOT WordPress or any other content management system, there is no database and no processing language (i.e. PHP) via a server. This site will run on any web server as well as on any desktop or laptop computer that has a modern browser. Thus, it is simple to install. Just upload the folder to your server or download to your local machine, open the folder, double click on "index.html" and the site will run.

The site also renders quite well on most newer tablets and cell phones.

We can be of some limited assistance, but given that the site is free, you can understand why we use the word "limited." Of course the club could hire us to install and enter content for them, but we know that most clubs don't have a budget for that sort of service so we are not expecting anyone to ask.

Bottom line, we will send you the files exactly as you see here, but YOU will have to fill in (actually change) the content, titles and pictures, etc.

Note: The site is NOT in the public domain. We own the copyright. The site cannot be sold or given away or distributed without our consent.

If you wish more info you can contact me at the address on my QRZ page.

Alan N. Canton (K6AAI)
Fair Oaks, CA
Managing Partner
Reviews from eHam
"Custom QSL cards at an affordable price"

"I am often asked how radio works.
Well, you see, wire telegraphy is like a very long cat.
You yank his tail in New York and he meows in Los Angeles.
Do you understand this?
Now, radio is exactly the same, except that there is no cat."
    - Attributed to Albert Einstein


Repeater 175-280 (PL 125.2)

The next meeting is:

_________, 2022

123 Jones Street

Somewhere, USA  256742

Former utility building
(At the northeast corner of Smith and Jones Streets.)

The board meeting begins at 6:00 P.M., followed by the general membership meeting at 7:30 P.M.

Contact the club: Send Email

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