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Here are a few samples:

KS1I - 2023-12-11

The best looking QSL cards -- Time Owned: more than 12 months.

I recently placed an order for my third set of QSL cards through Al and Mayapriya did a fantastic job with the design and production. The pricing was reasonable, and they completed the entire process within a week. I ordered 500 cards, anticipating that they will last me for the next couple of years. I am thoroughly pleased with the outcome of my order. You can check out my latest QSL card on my QRZ page for a closer look.

K8MLP - 2023-11-08

Great QSL cards top notch quality

I went with RadioQSL after several emails and calling Alan super nice guy to talk with and work with. They made sure the quality was perfect before printing and my cards turned out better than expected, I would not hesitate to order from them again. Thanks again to Alan and his team.

KN6UDK - 2023-04-19

Custom QSL Cards Done Right. Spectacular!

"Top Shelf" QSL cards with beautiful graphics, professional-grade printing, and amazing customer service! Al and Mayapriya are a joy to work with, and are laser-focused on details so that you get a perfect result. Seriously, customer service like this is so hard to find these days, but Al takes pride in it. It's so refreshing to work with such genuine people who take their job seriously.

I was undecided on the art for the front of my card, and Al had several suggestions of sources for my individual needs. With his guidance, I was able to pick out an incredible photo online, which was beautifully reproduced on my cards. They worked with me throughout the process, so I got just what I wanted for the text on the front and back, including a custom paragraph and the font of my choice. They made the whole process seem easy for me, though I know it's their years of experience that made it so.

I'm extremely happy with my new QSL cards, and highly recommend Al and for all your QSL production needs!

KD6RM - 2022-08-27

RadioQSL was a joy to work with.

RadioQSL was a huge joy to work with. The graphics are done with great detail and the response time is as good as any other vendor I have dealt with. The total time from my initial query to produce in hand was about one week. Obviously, Alan has a great staff and a solid system with great checks and balances. Well worth trying.

AK7ER — 2022-06-01

Top-notch quality and service

I finally decided to get new cards after many years. Did my research on various suppliers and vendors and RadioQSL stood out as a premier supplier and they are true to the comments here and elsewhere. Top-notch and 5 star!

Al and his team are experts and deliver superior products and have the best customer service. Great communication throughout the whole process and the design experience was a pleasure. They provided great feedback and listened to what I wanted and were able to help guide me through and design something even better that I had originally envisioned.

You will be satisfied with the end product, they will ensure you are happy. Money and time extremely well spent.

K1OUH — 2022-05-05

Only One Choice for Custom QSL Cards

Updated Review: New call (N2ZA) requires new QSL cards. Returning client…Al and team have not missed a beat in 2 years. Still the best product and customer experience/service out there!

Original Review: Great customer experience for high quality custom QSL cards with Al keeps you informed each step of the way and Mayapriya does a wonderful job from a graphic design perspective. Quick turnaround. Will be a lifelong customer after only one order. Nicely done

KB1AAZ — 2022-04-10

Gold-Standard customer service, pristine quality

I recently decided to invest in some high-quality QSL cards. At the time, I figured I would need to spend a lot of money to enjoy a “really nice” card. Turned out I was wrong (cost less than I expected!). The folks at RadioQSL have a professional graphic designer on contract with them and she produced a stunning design based on my input. She took several adjustments to fine-tune the design into what should be an award-winning QSL card! The cost was also far less than I would have expected. I ordered 1,000 cards to last me a few years. The customer service was simply top-shelf. Repeated connections to ensure my design ideas were listened to. And the conversations weren’t “cookie cutter”, but he took the time to get to know me and I think that helped with the overall design of the card. I highly recommend them and I hope you give them a shot!

KS1I — 2022-03-13

The best looking QSL cards

Al at RadioQSL did an excellent job on my QSL cards. Reasonably priced and all done in one week time. Mayapriya did a super job on customizing a logo for the front of my cards. Ordered 250 and received extras – just in case – all perfect! I am 100% satisfied with my order. My cards are on my QRZ page for review.

KO4MWC — 2021-12-19

A diamond in the rough

I can’t say enough about this company. The process was more like having your best friend help you draft and complete the project with you. The customer service is hands down unmatchable. I was surprised how available he made himself for me to make sure I got my cards the way I wanted them. The timeliness and care given are phenomenal. I thought my custom job would take days to complete, but it was completed in just a few hours after it was my orders turn for drafting. The ladies that work with him have a good eye and know what they are doing, and they are very good at it. The printing company they use also sent me several extras, possibly to exceed my expectations and also just in case a few was to get damaged in shipping. None were damaged during shipping and they were packaged well in a very nice sturdy cardboard box. I will go out of my way to recommend them to anyone looking for QSL cards. When I need more cards I will definitely be getting them from RadioQSL.

KD2VJV — 2021-11-18

Magnificent qsl cards!    

Great, speedy service and a fantastic final product. Highly recommend.

KD2VRS — 2021-10-24

Super custom QSL cards

I had simply a great experience with Alan and his team. His suggestions, expertise and creativeness resulted in a really professional product with super clarity and detail I couldn’t believe. 100% satisfaction guarantee – you won’t be disappointed.

NH2K — 2021-09-16

I am overjoyed with these cards.

I received my first (certainly not my last) order of QSL cards from the fine folks at I shopped around a little before choosing them but I can’t really say why I chose them. It was just a feeling I got when I visited their website.I was a little leery because I had a less than satisfactory experience with another printer a couple of years ago. I must say, I was impressed from the beginning. The staff (Al, in particular) was extremely helpful in setting up the order when I told them what I wanted. The order was prepared and I received a proof of the card within a couple of days. Once I approved that I received the invoice and paid for the order immediately. That was 12 days ago and, as I mentioned, I received the cards today. (If you are in the States, you will get them even faster, I’m sure.) Now, I am even more impressed. The cards are absolutely beautiful. The card stock is sturdy as can be, the price was right, and did I mention that the cards are beautiful? I cannot say enough. One last thing I should mention. I ordered 500 cards. I received 536. Who can complain about that? Need cards? Visit these guys. Their tagline is “We don’t have clients …. we have friends.” I am now one of them.

KM6GYM — 2021-04-25


I’ve been technician licensed since 12/2016. Al was my first contact on my UV5R. He sent me a card and I liked it so much I ordered some. The quality is exceptional, I just went through all 500 and they are perfect. They were able to use my photo, sent a digital proof of their design which I really liked, and made the whole process easy. If you want a quality card, you will be happy with their work!

K1OUH — 2020-06-12

Only One Choice for Custom QSL Cards

Great customer experience for high quality custom QSL cards with Al keeps you informed each step of the way and Mayapriya does a wonderful job from a graphic design perspective. Quick turnaround. Will be a lifelong customer after only one order. Nicely done

W7LG — 2020-04-20

I was looking through trying to find a company to do a custom card from a picture I took when we were at the outer banks. I found Radio QSL and the whole experience was perfect from the start. I’m very happy with my cards that I received and was updated through email on every step of the process. If you want a great looking card and know what’s going on with your order, look no further than this company Radio QSL.

N1CC — 2020-02-12

Absolutely Positively Outstanding!

I highly recommend RadioQSL to any ham looking for custom QSL cards. Alan and his team of graphic designers are extremely talented and customer oriented. They really listened to me and I could not be happier with my custom QSL cards. The entire process was outstanding.


NA7AM — 2020-01-18

Use Radio QSL if you need a card!

Emailed AL and from the beginning I knew i was going to get a good card and it would be easy! They printed two sets of cards one for me and for my dad. They designed both super fast and had them printed and delivered in just a few days. The whole thing was fast and they look great. They proofed them and help me make corrections and I will use them again.

AB5VJ — 2019-09-19

A+ Customer Service Honest, Professional and Great QSL Cards!!

I met Al one evening in a coast to coast rag-chew round table. I mentioned that my XYL was designing my cards for me. Al chimed in and said “hey, I can help you with getting them printed!” I am very happy that I took a look at . His company took my XYL’s artwork and one of his designers Alice scrutinized it and ensure that it was guideline ready for a printer and they printed up 500 cards for me! I am very impressed with the quality of these cards, nice thickness on the stock, Aqueous gloss finish on both sides (but writeable on back). Shop no further than for your QSL card needs. You will not be disappointed. These cards are very high quality and something you will be proud to send for contact confirmation around the globe. Just make contact with me on the air and I will get one to you!

KA6L — 2019-09-03

Excellent Quality & Service

Had always wanted to get my QSL cards printed professionally and found RadioQSL after checking around for pricing, etc. I wanted to give my business to another Ham and Al is that and is truly a professional in all senses of the word. I enjoyed my dealings with Alice who handles the actual digital work. She is a joy to work with and is very conscientious and very prompt in her communications. I have and will continue to recommend RadioQSL to fellow Hams!

W6QA — 2019-07-30

Look no further…!!!

I operate from 2 locations, so I have 2 unique cards. Found RadioQSL online and decided to give them a try… Service was professional and card quality was excellent. Al gives very personalized service and keeps you informed during the entire process. Lots of choices out there, service is the differentiator and RadioQSL wins hands down, I have 2 beautiful new QSL cards to prove it!

KN9C — 2019-07-29

With out a doubt these are the BEST

After having several different cards and trying to make my own decided to give Radio Qsl Cards a try. Boy what a surprise I had, they bend over backwards to help and give you quick delivery and follow through every step of the way.
Give them a try you will not be sorry.

WA7QZR — 2019-07-02

Best cards I’ve ever seen.

The finished product is positively wonderful, unlike the rubbish you’ll end-up with from these $9.99/1000 outfits. The customer service is fantastic. Al and the girls put themselves wholeheartedly into each project they take on. They are all highly skilled and have high artistic senses and very well developed composition skills. If you provide them with the materials they need for your card, they will give you results that would look right at home on the cover of any issue of QST or 73. You’ll have cards that you can be proud to send to your contacts, which just might help you get one in return. I cannot recommend them high enough.

K6EB — 2019-05-11

Professional Job

I Got back into the Hobby and hooked up all my vintage equipment. I had it stacked on my desk with my microphone collection and I sent them a picture. They fixed all the shadows and mistakes and the next thing I knew, I had a fabulous QSL card. One I was proud to send. When I contacted them, they provided great service and answered all my questions thoroughly and honestly. I would recommend them without hesitation!

WA6FGI — 2019-05-10


Had some QSL cards printed up few years back that I was unhappy with, thought I’d give RadioQSL a try.Operation is run by a ham, easy to work with regarding both he and his designer to make my idea a realty. Results were far away and above what I expected, price becoming a second concern when considering the quality and time taken by the folks at RadioQSL.You can by lesser quality , but with a custom card from RadioQSL, you’ll be asked “Where did you get such a nice card?”

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