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How to reach us

Please contact me for more information… or just to chat.

If you are in the Northern California area you can usually find me on N6ICW, 147.195, pl 123, neg. offset. It has voting receivers and thus very wide coverage including EchoLink.)

If you work HF you can often find me monitoring 7.204 or 7.208 most days.

Note: I take zero dollars from RadioQSL. Having made good financial decisions in my younger years, I am financially comfortable in my older years. I give ALL the profits to the designer (see Home->scroll->About) who creates your card. They do all the real work and need the income so it is the right thing for me to do.

Alan Canton
Fair Oaks, CA

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(We stopped posting our phone as it generated robo-calls! Email is best.)

“I am often asked how radio works.
Well, you see, wire telegraphy is like a very long cat.
You yank his tail in New York and he meows in Los Angeles.
Do you understand this?
Now, radio is exactly the same, except that there is no cat.”
– Attributed to Albert Einstein